In this insightful blueprint, Corey Williams brings his personal life experiences and 20 years of coaching leaders and organizations to help you Own Your Life Now. Grounded in biblical, business, and practical examples, as well as questions, to spark thought, discussion, and application. Owning Your Life will help individuals and teams develop their very own personal blueprints that will help them take ownership and gain mastery over their life and the organizations they lead.

This is not just a book of information; instead, it is an architectural blueprint that will help readers tear down the patterns that hinder them. Additionally, it will allow them to realize their best design and build up those that support and promote the very person they are designed to become. If you are ready to take ownership over your life and gain mastery over those areas that require another level of self-awareness and intentionality to see breakthroughs, this is the book for you.

Own Your Life Now