Own Your Life Now

Move from "renting" your life to "owning" your life.

New book by Corey Williams. Now Available.

Own Your Life Now

Are you ready to take total control over your life?  Are you ready to move from “renting” your life to “owning” your life?  There is no better day than today to begin anew and start taking ownership of your life.  This book will provide a framework that will propel individuals and organizations alike to new heights. This framework includes: The Ten Commandments of an Owner, the O.W.N Principle, and together, we will explore the five most important laws of owning your life.


  • The Law of Decision

  • The Law of Preparation

  • The Law of Focus

  • The Law of Sacrifice

  • The Law of Patience


As we begin our quest, a new mindset is necessary.  And the O.W.N Principle process will help you with. Do not become a victim of your circumstances. Take the reins in your own hands.  Face your future with proactiveness. Learn to act, not react. Don’t wait for things to happen for you. Take the initiative so that you can cause things to happen.  You will see great examples of men and women who have inspired me over the years and have pushed me to be great despite the odds and obstacles I faced. 

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Meet Corey

Corey Williams is on a personal mission to help individuals and organizations turn barricades into bridges by helping them overcome the personal and organizational barricades that is holding them back.  He’s the founder of the xlLeadership Network and has just released his first book entitled Own Your Life Now. His ability to connect humor and faith, as he teaches on leadership has empowered others to create a life that has allowed them to take control over what had ben controlling them.