Having had to overcome two significant obstacles that threaten any chances of his ability to achieve a life of purpose - raised in a very toxic environment of drugs and abuse, on the verge of becoming a high school dropout, and having a very severe speech impediment up until the age of 21, Corey considers these obstacles the foundation of his passion for helping others overcome personal and organizational barriers and turn them into bridges

Learning to lead effectively can be a real challenge, but it doesn't have to be impossible.  “We believe that anyone, anywhere can make a difference” John C. Maxwell. Leadership can be learned and effective leaders can be developed.

A great leader has the knowledge and experience to light the way for others. A great leader leads by example, creating an influence in which others want to engage. Great leaders can communicate and influence those around them. We can learn how to identify with people and relate to others in a way that increases our influence.

The hardest person to lead can be ourselves and we can exponentially improve our leadership skills when we spend time investing in our own personal growth as well as those we lead or work with.

As a certified Leadership Coach, speaker and trainer Corey offers an extensive range of custom-made leadership programs for business owners and their teams. 


Corey is passionate about equipping and encouraging leaders to "lead with authenticity, courage, determination & truth. He and his wife Tomekia are the Lead teaching Pastors of Hope City Church in Savannah, Georgia where they both reside.  They are the parents of three adult children.

International Speaker, Pastor and a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, and Founder & CEO of the xlLeadership Network, Corey delivers high-energy keynote presentations and workshops that encourage leaders to "lead" by using his "3D to the Fourth Power" Development approach.



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